Plant Tower Tomato Cucumber Pea Trellis Climbing Grow Pot Self Watering

A handy combination of a sturdy 4-tier plant tower with 2-litre self-watering reservoir to prevent the plants from dying out, plus a convenient watering hole!  The tower is ideal for fruit bearing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and snow peas. The whole tower keeps the plants standing upright and the frames give support to the climbing tendrils. The supports are adjustable to various heights.  It is space saving and easy to move between indoors and outdoors.  It is ideal for patios, balcony and small gardens and anyone who doesn’t have a garden!  Size of tower 25 x 25 cm.  Adjustable frame height is 150 cm.


Red Socket Organizer 1/2″, 1/4″, 3/8″


  • Holds up to 54 sockets: 1/4” x 20 clips, 3/8” x 18 clips, 1/2” x 16 clips.  Sockets not included.
  • Durable light-weighted quality aluminum holder with multiple anodized color choices
  • Ball bearing retainer loaded on each clip for maximum grip
  • Allows flexibility of re-design your socket organizer with different socket combinations
  • Factory direct.  Premium quality guaranteed.

1 Litre Hand Pump 2 year warranty


New Jimy Hydraulic Pumps:
1 Litre Top Up Utility Pump

Ideal for hard to get to oiling points

Suitable for Oils, ATF and Brake Fluid.

Common Uses – Outboard and two stroke motors, chain saws, motor vehicles and odd jobs around the home.


  • Integrated carry handle
  • 10ml per stroke : pumps in both directions
  • 500mm long PVC hose and spout
  • Aluminium pump construction
  • Nylon head and handle
  • Nozzle drain back holder
  • High Quality Parts

Made in Taiwan